About Us

We at the International Sports Institute envision a time when sports will return to its rightful place of honor.

Our Aim is to fight for Sports, Physical Education, & Wellness to assume more integral and respected positions in the educational enterprise.

For it may well be that sports, physical education, and wellness, when infused in society the appropriate way, may provide the best possible path to personal enlightenment, dedication, discipline, and social transformation.

This is why we bring to you the perfect culture and environment to Defy Your Limits:


Mission Statement

The International Sports Institute is committed to creating a better future through sports, physical education, and wellness. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our society, and to making it available to all.


Guided by International policy directions, and using our professional expertise in the sports industry, the International Sports Institute's vision is to return the sports industry to its rightful place of honor, by examining the full spectrum of sport, physical education, and wellness by providing state of the art programs and support systems with world class results.


We have a firm understanding that to achieve our goals, we must aim for excellence in our progress and not simply in our results.

We know that our excellence is measured both on and off the playing surface and during and after an athlete's career

We recognize the need to act quickly in our problem solving and implementation behaviors, and that is why we chose to do it is through:

  • Innovation & Performance Excellence
  • Dedication & Discipline
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Agility & Accountability

The Team

Ramy Rizk

BA in Banking and Finance

MBA in Finance from Wagner College, NY

Doctorate in Education from Durham University UK in progress

Professional Basketball Player

Sam Zoghbi

BA Business Marketing

MA Consumer Behavior

MA Public Relations & Communications

Certified in Project Management

Certified in Personal Branding

Certified in Media Training

Certified in Public Speaking

Certified in Marketing Communications

Certified in Social Media Strategies

Lead ISO Auditor

Karen Chammas

BS in International Business

MBA in Sports Management

Ex Member of the Lebanese Judo National Team

Member of the Lebanese Basketball National Team

Karen Abi Nader

BA in Physical Education

MBA in Sports Management

Elias Nemer

BA in Physical Education

Radical fitness Certified

Volleyball Player

Civil Defense Certified

Bassam Abou Abdallah

Volleyball corporation program certificate level-1 coaches

Certificate in IAAF athletics

Certificate in football coaching

Certificate in FCL Futsall clinic

Elie Haddad

PHD in physical therapy

BA in physical therapy

Sports injury specialists

Alternative treatment specialist

Volleyball player

Spyro Klitira

Former Volley Ball youth national team coach

Certified Football Analyst

Volleyball head coach

Ali Braiteh

BA in Physical Education

Masters in Sports Science

Basketball Coaches Clinic

Certificate in badminton Teaching

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